I’m helping a sweet girl…

Remember Sam?  She got to go to New Zealand and visit the set of “The Hobbit” while they were filming as part of the “MAKE A WISH” program.  She received a letter a while back from Oin and was thrilled.  Today she was thrilled beyond her wildest dreams.  She received a letter from Richard Armitage, an autograph and a small gift.  She was so excited she took a picture of the front page of his letter to share with all of us.  A few of us were curious as to the name of the flute music they had discussed and asked her if she would show us the back page.

From inside on of the hobbit holes, on locatio...

From inside on of the hobbit holes, on location at the Hobbiton set, as used in the Lord of the Rings films. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently Richard had mentioned some things about the movie to her and some private things and she was reluctant to disclose them.  Someone in their zealousness to please, was able to translate the 2nd page and post it on Tumblr without her permission.  This has caused Sam great distress.  She is having a hard time understanding why someone would do this without asking.  So she is asking anyone who has reblogged her blog or reblogged the 2nd page blog to remove them from their pages PLEASE!   They’ve probably already gone viral, but she’s hoping that we can reblog this request to as many people as possible and help her out.  We’ve been trying to get them off Tumblr but are having difficulty.  Please help me help Sam.  Reblog this if you’ve seen the letter and remove it if you have it on your dashboard.  THANKS.  Sam and  I  Sam appreciate it.


27 thoughts on “I’m helping a sweet girl…

  1. Sorry folks got carried away (I’ve been ill and away from social media) but so glad to hear RA wrote her and helped further make this young woman’s day. He’s the real deal, that one.

  2. How awful someone would post something so precious and personal of hers without her permission like that!! I hope whoever did it removes it immediately!!! They should be ashamed! That letter is hers and hers alone, anything within it, is completely up to HER as to whether or not it’s shared!

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  4. To Deb — this was HER letter, and NO ONE short of Richard himself, has the right to tell her she can’t post it! It was a sweet gesture on his part, and she wanted to share that sweetness with everyone else, to remind us once again what a special guy he is. There was nothing ‘private’ in that letter, no privileged information that he was not authorized to share. I have noticed there is a small faction of RA fandom that seems to have appointed itself the protectors of his privacy. And frankly, I think he’d be appalled at the idea of anyone beating up on Samm for sharing this lovely gift she was sent, or for daring to assume that they speak for him in any way.

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