He Made the Main Page!

Hot Dog!!! They are finally starting to take notice!!!

Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

Several years ago I used to really enjoy going to IMDb.com and checking out “Born Today.” I didn’t do it everyday, but it was still fun to see what celebs had birthdays when. When I became a Richard Armitage fan I started checking on his birthday to see if he’d make the main/home page. Last year I was hopeful, after all he had been in Captain America and had The Hobbit coming out. No such luck, I had to click on “see all birthdays” and he was of course there, but just one name among the many listed.

But today:

Born Today IMDB


It’s a silly little thing, but it just one more thing to add the list of changes a year can make!

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5 thoughts on “He Made the Main Page!

  1. Still no notice in Germany, had a strange experience last night with a friend in RL. Fortunately she called not the guys in white clothes 🙂 So, if Richard will ever visit Germany, he´s all ours…

  2. Love the pic on the left side, not the right photoshopped one, thanks…

    While I´m swooning and drooling the whole day (have posted the NZ-vid via FB) my daughter tells me sth about baby Emma Charlotte taking the baby bottle for the very first time. So I´ve to go on with the onesies, you know:)

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